I don't just love dance parties in my mini-van. I love ice cream at midnight. I believe life is supposed to be FUN and full of surprises.

And yes, I wear a banana clip when I get fancy.



These people have my heart. We LOVE being TOGETHER! 

We mostly laugh. Sometimes cry, at least my hubby does. Shhhh ; )

Usually my husband is the one taking the pics... but because we sleep together, sometimes I get to grab the camera at photo shoots.

Check out his work at awesomeness.us


This photo captures their personalities perfectly!

Ezra is Mr. Style and is planning to own the world's first trillion dollar business someday.

If hoverboarding were an olympic sport... Zion would be a gold medalist. He always has a new joke to share .

To know Zoey is to love her. Her smile is contagious and she always has something encouraging to say.

ezra_zion_zoey_2 copy.JPG



I'm pretty sure I would love to live on the road. I love new places, new foods, new adventures, and most of all... meeting new people! 

Some of my favs are Cabo, New York, Ireland, France, Aruba, Bakersfield (just seeing if you are paying attention) and part of my heart lives in Maui!

After 39 years in California, we've moved to TEXAS!! Yee haw!!

Bon Voyage!