It starts with me

The same water that hardens the egg, softens the carrot. Or how about this one… The same sun melts the ice and hardens the clay.

John 16:33 says “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

The word tribulation here literally means “to press”. This is definitely true in our lives, that there is a “pressing” or a resistance and conflict in our lives that creates pressure. But the question is:


Pressure can crush rock or create diamonds. It all depends on the material.

Lately I’ve become aware of the lack of peace in our home. Sure, there’s lots of factors I could blame it on, but the truth was… our home felt more chaotic than peaceful. Rather than making excuses and looking for people/ seasons to blame, I took my concern to The Lord and asked Him to search me and reveal how I was contributing to the problem. I realized that I was reproducing in my home what I was experiencing in my own heart. Ughhh… that didn’t feel good.

I was immediately thankful however because I remembered His Kindness. His perfect Kindness that allows me the liberty to change the way I think. In other words, because of the cross, I am not a victim to my circumstances or even my own way of thinking… I have the power to change how I think; therefore, I have the power to change my life.

It all starts with me. Well, HIM actually.

One of the greatest privileges we have as parents is to represent Jesus to our kids. To love them the way HE loves us. We also have the opportunity to have our homes/ families represent The Kingdom. “On earth as it is in heaven.” That means if something doesn’t exist in heaven (rage/ pride/ selfishness/ etc.), then it doesn’t belong in our homes. We have the power and authority to remove it. To change the atmosphere.

So we sat down as a family and I confessed my contribution to the lack of peace. I shared that we have been invited to have our home re-present The Kingdom. Then I asked the kids “so where do you think our home looks like God’s Kingdom, and where do you think it doesn’t?”

Their responses were phenomenal. So simple. So full of faith. So child-like.

(side note… as a parent, there are so many approaches we can take when talking with our kids. But let’s not forget… They don’t have a “junior Holy Spirit”. Thankfully I chose to abandon a 2 page “script” I’d written-- I think they would’ve fallen asleep anyways)

If you are feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by something in your life, does it occur to you that the first issue you must deal with is what is going on inside of you before you can deal with the problem? Ask yourself… why is it more responsible to go to God and get delivered of fear and anxiety that to try and deal with things in a fearful state?

We conquer fear in our lives by allowing the Spirit of God within us, the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind, to reign over every thought and action. Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of the Spirit of Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Cheering you on!!

Hugggggsss, Rebecca

rebecca hoehne