Judgement and Acceptance

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feelings are real. 

But they are my servant, not my master.

A few days ago I was driving my children to school and saw a friend in a brand new car. My gut reaction was jealousy.

If you were in my head you would have heard...

“WHAT?? How in the world did they afford that? I know money is tight for them!"

But thankfully it stopped there and I immediately went to God about my feelings. Because feelings are real. But they are my servant, not my master.

I BEGGED The Lord to please help me not to judge anymore.

He whispered back....

“Learn to accept yourself and what I have for you."

I looked up and this sign was RIGHT in front of me!!!

God gave me a sign and I didn’t even ask Him for it (yet). He must know that I like signs. I like confirmation. But what did it mean?

When I begin to doubt WHO God is and that He IS Good. Then I start to think that He is withholding good things from me.

So when I see other people get promoted or tangible blessings, I begin to judge and criticize them. But I miss out on an opportunity to CELEBRATE what God is doing in their life. My joy is multiplied by your joy!

When I live out of the truth that I KNOW I AM LOVED, then I am free to celebrate others and their accomplishments/ blessings/ etc. Because I’m not in a competition. I refuse to compete, compare, criticize or complain.

I ACCEPT who God says He is and who He says I am. I accept that He has the BEST for me and NOTHING can stop His Goodness!

What truth about God can you ACCEPT today? Watch the chains of jealousy and comparison fall off!

Hugggsss, Rebecca

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