Rebecca Hoehne

Rebecca Hoehne


In a nutshell...

Rebecca loves sushi, wine, chai lattes, naps and a whole lotta JESUS!

All photography provided by Travis Hoehne.




Who is Rebecca?

A passion has birthed in her to see ALL women set free from the chains of  fear, anxiety, depression, offense, and anything else that hinders us from experiencing the ABUNDANT life that Christ offers!

It is her unwavering belief that when your identity is securely rooted in WHO CHRIST SAYS YOU ARE… then your identity can’t be threatened because you have nothing to loose. THEN we are free to love others with a 1 Corinthians 13 Love because we aren’t expecting others to “save us”. We already have a Savior!

Rebecca and Travis  have enjoyed (mostly) marital bliss since 2003 and are blessed with three precious offspring: Ezra – age 12, Zion- age 10, and a little surprise which arrived on April Fools Day 2014… little Zoey Esther Hoehne. Rebecca is borderline obsessed with food and looks forward to every meal as if it were her last. Some of her favorites include sushi and bbq. Rebecca thinks ice cream is a food group and it is her goal to have ice cream every day during the summer. Why not ; )




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